"Put Some Country in Your Country" OUT NOW! It has been over a year since Cory has released a song. His last single "Mountain of Love" was a summer smash covering the classic Johnny River's tune. Cory brings a new sound to the table with his latest single, but continues to keep right in his lane bridging the gap between the classic and modern country sounds. "It has been very hard to keep this one a secret. I've been extremely excited for it all year long! I hope my fans love it as much as I do..." Cory said. Now, it is time to roll your windows down, crank your radio up, and drive to this one! Find his new single "Put Some Country in Your Country" on your favorite streaming platform now!


Written by Kathy Kay Wallace, Danny Busby, and Cory Jackson

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Upcoming Shows:

17 September
Maynard, AR / Pioneer Days - 7pm

18 September
Danville, AR / Petit Jean River Monster Festival - 8:10pm

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"Forgive Me Anyway" by Kathy Wallace, Matthew Thomas, and Cory Jackson - Video Produced by James Bickham